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Miami Police Sergeant Suspended After Tossing Out 'Trash' Jewish Scripture In Viral Video

Miami Police Sergeant Suspended After Tossing Out 'Trash' Jewish Scripture In Viral Video

In a recently discovered online video, Miami police sergeant Roberto Destephan can be seen describing several Hebrew sacred texts as trash before disrespectfully throwing them into the bed of his pickup truck.

The video has resulted in a major controversy for the police department, with Destephan coming under heavy fire for his anti-semitic rhetoric.

In the video, Destephan says the following as he chucks Hebrew sacred texts into his truck:

"We don't need this s--t either, man. This crap? F--k this. Taking out the trash, dawg."

The video was discovered by lawyers John and Andrea Cunill. As soon as they found the footage, John knew they had to make the public aware of it.

"When we got the video we were appalled, shocked. The law firm said immediately we have to put this out there and let the community see what's happening."

Watch the video here.

Miami Police officer suspended after throwing away sacred Jewish

People were upset.

Destephan also happens to be Vice-President of Miami's Fraternal Order of Police, the city's police union. The union is standing by Destephan, claiming the video has been doctored for use as blackmail.

Here is their explanation:

"Part of the video was taken years ago when the FOP union office was full of mold and termites. Various items including religious books and other miscellaneous items were discarded for health reasons. The books were contaminated due to the mold and termites and needed to discarded [sic] into the trash."

Regardless of the situation surrounding his video, the Cunhill's claim the sergeant's words and actions were divisive, and are asking for full transparency from the police department.

"Transparency in the union. Transparency in the city of Miami, making sure that everybody is getting equal and fair treatment."

Twitter had some strong feelings about Destephan's actions.

Destephan is now suspended with pay pending the results of an internal investigation.

Miami police chief Jorge Colina issued a statement, saying:

"A disturbing video has surfaced in which a City of Miami Police Sergeant is seen discarding religious contents while making anti-Semitic comments. The City of Miami Police Department has suspended the employee pending an open Internal Affairs investigation. The actions of this employee were found to be inconsistent with the mission and values of our department. As Chief of Police, I will continue to uphold the expectations of professionalism and ethical behavior of all our officers at all times. I would like to reassure our citizens of all faiths that we stand in solidarity with them."

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