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RNC's Tweet Promoting Hotline For People To Report 'Voter Fraud' Backfires Spectacularly

RNC's Tweet Promoting Hotline For People To Report 'Voter Fraud' Backfires Spectacularly
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It already feels like an eternity, but just a few days ago the entire United States was an anxious mess.

And on Wednesday, in the thick of the vote counting week from Hell, the official GOP Twitter shared a voter fraud hotline and encouraged supporters to report any fraudulent voting they were aware of.

For supporters of Trump "voter fraud" and "stop the count" were common rallying cries throughout the week.

The paranoid anti-voting rhetoric was spurred by the President's baseless allegations that many illegal votes were cast after election night. He even sued several states to stop vote counting, but judges repeatedly ruled against him and the counting continued.

So apparently, Trump and the GOP hoped a whole bunch of complaints ought to do the trick.

But that plan backfired in epic fashion, as countless pro-Biden voters instead "reported" Donald Trump and co. for all of their paranoid election antics.

Some replies imagined even more creative responses to the hotline.

Amazingly enough, this was not the only voter fraud hotline that totally blew up in the face of the Trump effort.

A couple days later on Friday, Trump's son Eric posted a tweet with the following alarmist rhetoric:


But as the NY Post reported, when people called the number listed in that same Tweet, they were merely given a 16-minute recording of old Trump Campaign speeches followed by an error message.

Then the call ended without asking for any information.

So what's the takeaway from all of this? Trump's arguments about voter fraud are not doing well in the court of law and even these attempts to sway the court of public opinion were a total bust.

For all that anti-counting paranoia throughout the week, the counting continued until Joe Biden was projected winner of the Presidency on Saturday.

Still, we can expect the tweets to keep pouring in.