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Ryan Reynolds Gives Hilariously Blunt Advice To Paul Rudd On Being Crowned 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Ryan Reynolds Gives Hilariously Blunt Advice To Paul Rudd On Being Crowned 'Sexiest Man Alive'
Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

People Magazine crowned Paul Rudd their newest "Sexiest Man Alive."

The 52-year-old actor known for films Clueless, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and the MCU's Ant-Man franchise will appear on the cover of the November 22 issue of the magazine.

Since 1985, 33 men have been awarded that title.

On the day the announcement was made, Ryan Reynolds was interviewed on the TODAY show. He offered Rudd some hilarious advice.

Host Hoda Kotb shared the news about who's People's latest sexiest man and Reynolds joked:

"Of course it is."
"I just heard about this this morning. I'm very excited."
"I think that this opportunity will be wasted on him, like so many before him."
"He's going to play it shy."
"He's going to play it bashful, humble."
"If I know what I knew now, I wouldn't. You got to seize this opportunity."

Reynolds was titled "Sexiest Man Alive" back in 2010, but he's changed his tune about the title over the last decade.

He said:

"If I got it now, I'm not saying I would leave my family, but they would need to go on without me."
"I would roam the world clutching my dog-eared People magazine, going from town to town, sewing my wild oats like some sort of nude, magical gardener."
"It would be amazing."

Reynolds turned directly to the camera, in case Rudd was tuning in:

"Don't blow this, Rudd!"
"If you're there, do not blow this opportunity."
"Run like the wind."

Kotb and co-host Savannah Guthrie were in hysterics over Reynolds commitment to the joke.

Guthrie shared Reynolds is incredibly popular among straight men on TikTok. Viral videos have popped up as him being "the only man straight men will go for."

They played a few videos for him, and he was stammering as he tried to find what to say:

"Clearly, I need to work on gay men, as well."
"Just straight men? Why? OK."

People on Twitter were eating up his hilarious comebacks.

Reynolds also talked about his three daughters, ages six, five and two.

They're keeping him just as busy off-screen as he is on.

"It's absolute mayhem. You're just every day clinging by the skin of your teeth."

Reynolds grew up as the youngest of four boys so he feared having his own sons.

Now he's realized he should have been afraid to have girls.

"I was always afraid I would have boys, but now that I have girls, I realize I should not have been afraid."
"I should have wanted boys, as well. They're just as rough."

Reynolds next movie Red Notice, also starring Dwayne Johnson, will be streaming on Netflix this coming Friday.