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Reporter Puts Patriots Fan On Blast After He Tried To Kiss Her On Camera

Reporter Puts Patriots Fan On Blast After He Tried To Kiss Her On Camera

In the wake of #MeToo stories and controversies centering on everyone from presidential candidates to Hollywood luminaries (oh and let's not forget the actual President), it may seem like people would've gotten the hint about unwanted physical contact by now.

Especially of an intimate nature.

Buuuuuuut not so much.

Sports reporter Erin Kate Dolan is but the latest prominent woman to underline the fact that there are still plenty of people out there who could stand to learn a few things about personal space and that dreaded c-word that seems to confuse so many people (read: dudes): consent.

Dolan, who reports for online sports site PointsBet, was covering "Monday Night Football" this week at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where the New York Jets were squaring up with the New England Patriots.

While interviewing fans outside the venue, Dolan suddenly found herself in an awkward position surely familiar to many women.

A Patriots fan tried to kiss her while she was on air.

And the way Dolan handled it is probably familiar too: laughing it off to keep things cool, but feeling "PISSED" inside.

After all, is it really so much to ask that a person be able to do her job without being put in this at best embarrassing, at worst terrifying, position—while LIVE ON CAMERA in front of potentially millions of people to boot?

Dolan is certainly correct, too, that this sort of stuff happens to women broadcasters all the time.

Just last month, another reporter, Sara Rivest from TV station WAVE in Louisville, Kentucky, went viral for a similar on-camera incident.

Rivest filed a police report and eventually received an apology letter from the man who kissed her.

And of course, there is the notorious 2003 sideline interview between Joe Namath and ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber, in which a visibly drunk Namath kept telling Kolber he wanted to kiss her. According to Huffington Post, the encounter was so embarrassing it spurred Namath to quit drinking.

Although being intoxicated is not an excuse for assault. It's just telling you to stop drinking because you assault people when you do.

As for Dolan, the majority of the internet was absolutely on her side—including, thankfully, plenty of men.

As for Dolan's employer, PointsBet?

They're taking this as seriously as she did.

At least some people in the sports world get it.

Please tell your friends.


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