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Pennsylvania Man 'Very Sorry' For Registering Dead Relatives To Vote For Trump After His Arrest

Pennsylvania Man 'Very Sorry' For Registering Dead Relatives To Vote For Trump After His Arrest
Delaware County District Attorney's Office

The Trump administration has failed at every turn to prove widespread voter fraud exists. Having said that, the constant search for it uncovered some interesting results.

In some places where votes were recounted, Trump ended up losing by a wider margin than before. Courts across the country have repeatedly agreed there has been no evidence of fraud, dealing loss after loss to Trump's legal teams.

However, there are a few individual cases of voter fraud, almost all of which involve people fraudulently attempting to vote for Donald Trump.

Bruce Bartman, a 70-year-old Trump supporter from Pennsylvania, is one such case.

Delaware County District Attorney's Office

According to court documents, Bartman acknowledged attempting to vote for Donald Trump multiple times in the 2020 election.

He did so by first voting as himself, which is perfectly legal. Bartman then voted again under the name of his deceased mother, which is very illegal.

He next registered his mother-in-law, also deceased, to vote. Mr. Bartman admits he did so with the intention of fraudulently voting for Trump under her name as well.

Bartman was unable to complete the second fraudulent vote when the voter registration system flagged his mother-in-law as most likely deceased. He falsified documents to prove she was still alive, but never got around to actually voting in her name.

All told, Bartman could face up to 19 years in prison.

He is charged with two counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting. However his illegal vote was not counted in the final election tallies because Bartman's crime was discovered.

Samuel Stretton, Bartman's attorney, claims his client was pushed to commit his crimes by "political frustration," but understands what he did was wrong. Stretton says his client is "very sorry" and taking full responsibility.

Delaware County prosecutor Jack Stollsteimer stressed Bartman was not being punished because of who he fraudulently voted for, but for attempting to defraud the voting system in general.

"Let me just be very clear, for all the conspiracy theorists who may be out there watching, the case we are talking about today presents no evidence of widespread voter fraud."
"It in fact is only evidence that one individual here in Delaware County was able to vote for a deceased person."
"If he had voted for Joe Biden or he had written in Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, we would still be prosecuting this case because this is a violation of the integrity of the American electoral process."

People were quick to point out it was a Trump supporter who committed the kind of crime Trump and his supporters accuse Democrats of.


Voter fraud during the Trump administration remains a series of isolated incidents—like it always has been.

But projection does seem to be a major problem for the Trump regime.

After the 2016 election, President Trump created a handpicked Election Integrity Commission to prove widespread voter fraud.

Trump was certain his popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton couldn't be true.

However after several months, the group dissolved itself citing no evidence of the widespread voter fraud Trump kept telling his MAGA minions about ever existed.

Trump's motives in 2020 are also the same—he can't believe he lost by over 7 million votes. But his Kraken team remains unable to produce any evidence to support their claims of widespread voter fraud costing Trump the election.

So far the only widespread things have been conspiracy theories and lies.