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Maryland Man Arrested For Plot To Kidnap, Sodomize, And Murder Biden And Harris On National TV

WJZ/YouTube; Win McNamee/Getty Images

James Dale Reed, 42, of Maryland was arrested after admitting to writing a letter threatening Democratic voters.

His letter also laid out his plan to kidnap former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, then murder them on national television.

Reed was captured on video by a Ring door camera delivering his letter in the early morning of October 4.

Part of the letter read:

"This is a warning to anyone reading this letter if you are a Biden/Harris supporter you will be targeted."
"We have a list of homes and addresses by your election signs. We are the ones with those scary guns, We are the ones your children have nightmares about…"

Local news outlet WJZ13 reported the rest of the message was too obscene to repeat, saying:

"The rest of the message is too graphic to detail, but claims that they will allegedly beat Biden and sodomize Harris before executing them on national television."

Reed initially denied writing the letter when the Secret Service questioned him on October 13, but later admitted he was, in fact, the author.

Two days later, he was arrested and charged with "voter intimidation and threatening mass violence."

The Secret Service reported Reed was previously under surveillance for a "threat against a protected person" back in 2014.

When Donald Trump's incendiary comments and refusal to denounce extremist groups inspires people like Reed to take action and threaten lives, there's no denying the President's rhetoric is legitimately dangerous.