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Woman Calls Off Wedding After Finding Out Her Fiancé Complained About The Price Of Her Dream Dress On Reddit

Woman Calls Off Wedding After Finding Out Her Fiancé Complained About The Price Of Her Dream Dress On Reddit
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A self-identified 38-year-old man on Reddit is seriously in the doghouse after turning to the internet for advice about some recent wedding finance drama.

The man, known on the interwebs as Josh8449, was gearing up for the big day when he and his fiance—he calls her 'Emma'—ran into an impasse around the price of her dress.

As he said:

"We aren't the extravagant type at all, then comes the time for emma to pick her dress. I know everything is more expensive when it has the term wedding attatched to it what i wasn't expecting was an $950 dress plus $120 veil!"


This guy then went on to explain what he views as a totally viable bargain option.

"I had a quick google around at dresses online and there were so many! and so many just like the one emma wants for like $50 to $100.

He's right, that is a hell of a deal.

Though I—and evidently his future wife—am curious about his eye for quality.

"I thought she would be ecstatic to learn there are identical dresses for a fraction of the cost but she was really angry and upset."
"Is there something i am seriously missing because after we argued about the dress emma has been Extremely cold towards me."

Emma then comes in with the final blow.

"Then yestersay she said if i want her to cheap out on her wedding dress on her wedding day that she needs to really consider if we are a good match for marriage."

But this guy was not about to back down.

Rather, he apparently thought he'd stir the pot even more.

"I told her she's like a toddler throwing a tantrum over a sparkly toy she can't have, that was a mistake as she left to stay with her parent's"


The Reddit community then went on to not pull any punches whatsoever as they weighed in on this man's decision to push for a $50 wedding dress.

"You say you don't want her to cheap out, but then you say you want her to buy a $50 -$100 wedding dress. That's cheap. That's cheap even for a regular dress. Those cheap dresses you're finding online will look terrible in person and are the source of so many disappointed women and jokes. Wedding dresses and their tailoring are expensive. $1000 is actually a low priced dress. " u/milee
"Why would you think that?? You are SO WRONG. It is stupid and arrogant to think you can base what a dress is like off a picture." u/Dry-Expression

Some Redditors were skeptical anyone could actually, in real life, be so out of touch.

"1000 times over. I also thinking you're trolling, because no one can be as oblivious as you." u/beachiestsnob

But the story doesn't end there.

The drama was only beginning for this guy.

As he said in his post about the issue, he was originally a bit concerned about posting to the internet because, believe it or not, 'Emma' has access to the internet.

He did his best to aim for some discretion.

"Sorry on mobile and throwaway as she's a redditor"


Turns out 'Emma' found his post and all hell broke loose.

He updated his original post, saying:

"Emma found this thread, it was a mistake to post here and im sorry i posted our problems on reddit"

'Emma' did in fact find his post, and posted her own side of the story to Reddit's Relationships subreddit.

Her post has since been deleted, but its content did make its way over to Twitter before being taken down.

First off, the guy lied about his age. 'Emma' has him as a 43-year-old.

She talks about the discovery.

"I also happened to find the thread shortly after he made it because not only did he use my real name but his throwaway was his real name followed by his alarm pin!"

But the whole scuffle appears to being taking its toll on her.

"I can't get my money back on the venue or anything, i recently started antidepressents because I've been feeling low but now i just feel empty"

Twitter had her back.

So I guess the moral of the story here is, don't expect to pay the price of a decent meal for two when buying a wedding dress. And DEFINITELY don't post about it on Reddit.