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Randy Rainbow Does His Best Dolly Impression To Roast Trump With New '9 To 5' Parody Song

The comedian takes aim at 'number forty-five' in a Dolly Parton-inspired parody music video calling out the ex-President's misdeeds.

Screenshot of Randy Rainbow; Donald Trump
Randy Rainbow/YouTube; Mark Peterson/New York Magazine/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Political satirist and YouTube star Randy Rainbow thrilled social media users after announcing he officially "went country for number forty-five" in a Dolly Parton-inspired parody music video ridiculing former President Donald Trump and his misdeeds.

His parody of Parton's hit "9 to 5"—the theme song for the classic comedy of the same name starring her, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin—comes amid Trump's ongoing election interference trial winds down, with closing arguments set for May 28.

It begins with a faux interview with Trump that has Trump "admitting" that any potential running mates (including the cannibal Hannibal Lecter featured in The Silence of the Lambs) "come from prisons, mental institutions, and insane asylums."

After "questioning" Trump about how he can expect to run a successful campaign "from a courtroom," Rainbow declares he has "no time for this nonsense" and refers to Trump as "a working gal from the '80s."

He proceeds to sing:

“Slurrin’ all his words while he’s sweatin’ and a-twitchin,’ fartin’, burpin’, kvetchin’ and b***hin’ and tryna get his charges all dismissed. I don’t mean to vent on your every violation. Lots of presidents have screwed up the nation, but guess who’s first on the Worst of All Time list!”

He continues in the chorus:

“Number 45, what a slimy little cretin. He just spends his life just a-lyin’ and a-cheatin’. He’s a one-term bum, but he’s still out here campaignin’, and he’s bloated from all the bullshit he’s retainin’!”

But of course that's not all!

You can see Rainbow's latest below.

FORTY-FIVE! - A Randy Rainbow Song

Social media users were thrilled to see the comedian once again doing what he does best.

Rainbow also made headlines last week for putting his own spin on "MAGA" by declaring it's time to "Make America Gay Again" with his hilarious new spoof campaign ad for President.

Pledging to work “to build a stronger America,” Rainbow offered up a funny video in which he jokingly positions himself as a "serious" presidential candidate.

In it, he claimed that "President Randy Rainbow promises to start wearing long-sleeve shirts and then rolling those sleeves up to get to work" by doing "whatever the things are that will make America stronger" because "unity unites."