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GOP Candidate Claims She Knows Trump Won California Because Of Her 'Empath' Powers In Bonkers Interview

GOP Candidate Claims She Knows Trump Won California Because Of Her 'Empath' Powers In Bonkers Interview
Real America's Voice

Given its enormous population of city dwellers and people of color, it is nearly impossible for a Republican presidential candidate to win the state of California. Indeed, a Republican has not even come close to doing so since 1988.

Be that as it may, GOP political candidate Rachel Hamm claims to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that former Republican President Donald Trump won California in 2020, and she knows this because she is an "empath" who feels "vibes," you see.

Hamm, who is running for Secretary of State in California, made her claims while talking to far-right Voldemort Steve Bannon on his show "Real America's Voice." Watch the bonkers video below.

California secretary of state candidate claims to have 'empath' powers proving Trump

In his interview, Bannon asked Hamm what evidence she has to back up her claims about Trump's victory. And, hoo boy, is it something. Hamm based her claim partly on the presence of Trump signs in people's yards.

"I drove up and down the state of California during COVID. My husband was off of work and we had the time to do it and so we went and saw the state."
"And guess what I saw everywhere. I saw Trump signs. Trump signs even in liberal areas. Trump signs everywhere."

Super scientific analysis there, Rachel! But if yard signs don't have you convinced, maybe Hamm's "empath" talents for feeling "vibes" will.

"I'm kind of like an empath type where I kind of feel the vibe of places if you will? And guess what I felt? I felt an intense energy and force that was going towards Trump from California. And I kept feeling like something's turned, right?"

Well okay then, guess that settles it! California is Trump country now. Naturally, Hamm got heaped with mockery on Twitter for her claims.

While California does have a substantial number of right-wing and far-right citizens, they are vastly outnumbered by liberal voters in the coastal regions of the state, especially in the Los Angeles and San Francisco metro areas. There is no amount of "empath" powers to counteract that.