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Racehorse Gallops Into French Bar And Sends Customers Scrambling In Viral Video ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿด

BBC News/YouTube, @BlueEightySix/Twitter

Geez, how rude! Was he raised in a barn?!

Imagine: you're enjoying yourself at a bar, you turn to your bar companion to tell a joke.

"A horse walks into a bar," you say, just as an actual horse literally walks into the actual bar.

That's precisely what happened in a betting parlor in France yesterday, except the horse didn't so much walk as, say, EXPLODE into the bar, sending patrons and employees scrambling for cover. CCTV cameras caught the whole thing on tape.

Andof course there is that hilarious moment at the 10-second mark when the horse doubles back to chase the man in the blue shirt out of the bar.

Nothing has ever been more healing to the soul:

The bar is located in Chantilly, a popular place in France for horse-racing. According to the French newspaper Ouest France, the horse had escaped its stable at a nearby training ground when his rider fell during an exercise. Trainer Jean-Marie Bรฉguignรฉ, told OF: "The filly escaped by going on the road, crossing a roundabout before entering this bar."

From there, according to bar owner Stรฉphane Jasmin, the horse "came in, pushing the door. She raced all the way to the [betting] corner. Then, the filly turned around, breaking a table and chairs."

On social media, of course, folks had a field day with this marauding mustang:

And, of course, it was off to the races (see what I did there) with pun after pun after pun:

The horse was eventually apprehended in a parking lot, but given the horse's "penchant for escape" as Bรฉguinรฉ put it, this may not be the last time he comes crashing into the club. Keep an eye on the door if you're near Chantily!

H/T Mashable, Newsweek