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Wisconsin Woman Opens The Hood Of Her Car To Find A Massive African Python Surprise 😱

Screenshot Facebook Omro Police Department

A woman in Ohio thought her biggest problem was her SUV acting up. Boy was she wrong.

An unidentified woman recieved the shock of her life when she pulled over to check the engine on her SUV. It seems her car was running funny but what wasn't funny is what she found under the hood. The woman from Omro, Wisconsin called 911 when she found a python wrapped around her serpentine belt.

The police arrived and after struggling with the snake decided to call in back up in the form of a professional snake handler. The SUV was towed away to repair damages. The owner of the snake was eventually tracked down and fined $313 for having an illegal animal in the city.

The snake had been missing for around a month and is now in possession of the snake handler.

This was going to take a while.


Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and say nope to this one.

It didn't get past Twitter that the snake was wrapped around the serpentine belt.

Sometimes we can't make this stuff up.

H/T: FOX 11, Charlotte Observer