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A Puzzling New Photo Of The Trumps Just Kicked Those 'Fake Melania' Theories Back Into High Gear

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The theory that Melania Trump is a body double who stands in for the real Melania Trump when Donald Trump makes public appearances is not a new one, but a new photo of Melania has kicked it back into high gear.

A photo of her appearing next to President Trump on a helicopter, sporting a very different looking smile, had people saying:

"Who's that?"

Folks believe that Hope Hicks, a senior White House adviser, may actually be the body double standing in for Melania Trump.

The Trump administration has openly denied that there is a Melania Trump body double, but has not had a meltdown over it the way President Trump has had meltdowns over Saturday Night Live sketches poking fun at him.

Some people took the #FakeMelania hashtag all the way with jokes.

When Trump is out of office, we are likely to find out about more and more scandals.

Will #FakeMelania be one of them?