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Putin Was Just Voted Russia's Hottest Man Alive By A Landslide—And People Have Questions


It seems like Vladimir Putin might have a thing for rigging elections. And not just elections that decide his position of power within the Russian government.

The 68-year-old was chosen as "Russia's Hottest Man Alive" by an extremely questionable survey that said 18% of men and 17% of women from 300 cities across Russia chose Putin as the most handsome man in the country.

The news the 5'6" Russian leader—with a love of taking his shirt off—had won came as no great surprise.

The survey, conducted by the job board, said "neither actors nor athletes or other politicians can compete with" Putin's looks, according to the Russian people.

However the same survey also indicated another 18% of women said there was not one single handsome man in the entire country of Russia.


People offered plenty of theories about Putin's win.

Putin also recently released a series of propaganda photos of him in the Siberian peninsula—some of which included him posing in sheepskin, and some of which included him sunning himself shirtless.

Putin also recently signed a bill into law that could see him holding his office as President of the Kremlin until 2036, which would put him at 6 consecutive terms served.

On top of jailing his political opposition, Alexei Navalny, whom he tried to have poisoned with nerve gas, Putin appears to be removing any and all competition for the next "Most Handsome Russian Man" survey.

Putin's grip on Russia does not appear to be loosening.

But being called "handsome" due to a really strange survey, year after year? That's definitely a new one.