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Pregnant Woman Arrested After Carjacking News Van With Pregnant Atlanta Reporter Inside

Pregnant Woman Arrested After Carjacking News Van With Pregnant Atlanta Reporter Inside

Iyani Hughes, an Atlanta TV reporter, found herself on the other side of the news this week when she was kidnapped in the back of her news station's van.

To make matters even worse, Hughes and the woman who stole the van were both pregnant.

After completing a live shot, Hughes started the news van and then went around to the back, where she could edit the footage in preparation for her next shot. She planned to get into the van and lock it once inside.

Before she could do that, another woman forcefully got into the driver's seat and drove away, effectively kidnapping Hughes in the process.

The woman in question has been identified as Seniqua Lunsford. She had already caused another car crash on the morning of the incident, and she was allegedly trying to escape charges by taking the van.

Lunsford reportedly sped away from the first crash sight and parked right next to the news van. She quickly got into the news van and proceeded to drive herself and Hughes out to Peachtree Circle NE, approximately an 11-minute drive away by main road.

Lunsford crashed the van into another van, hit her head on the windshield, and also needed to be treated for an injury to her arm.

During the pursuit, Hughes fortunately got into the passenger seat and put her seat belt on. She is reportedly okay, between the use of her seat belt and the deployment of the airbags. She is now recovering at home.

Fellow news reporter, Karen Greer, shared her involvement in Hughes' kidnapping.

Greer had her earpiece in back at the studio and could hear Hughes' scream inside the van when Lunsford drove away.

Greer explained:

"It is frightening when you become the news story as a journalist."
"I could hear in my ear because they realized in master control that something was going on so they were rolling on it and I could hear her scream and I could hear Jeff our photographer yelling somebody just drove off in our car."

Greer thought at first that only the van had been stolen, but she quickly realized that wasn't the case.

"I started texting her once I knew it was her and I thought maybe they had just stolen the car and she didn't respond so I started calling her and no answer and I didn't know what was going on and then I get wind that she's in the car and she has been kidnapped."

She later shared a full video statement on Facebook, where hundreds of viewers have responded.

You can see Greer's statement below:

After receiving treatment, Lunsford has since been transported to a detention center, where she has been charged with one count of kidnapping.

Many who watched Greer's statement on Facebook have commented to share their thanks for Hughes' safety, as well as their renewed appreciation for the work of a field journalist.

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Though she is still emotionally shaken from the incident, it appears Hughes will make a full recovery and return to work.