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A Very Important Part Of Pizza Delivery Just Had A Birthday That Will Make You Feel Old

Few experiences are more nostalgic to many than a pizza night with your family or friends. On February 12, many people on Twitter celebrated the tiny invention that made so many of those pizza nights possible: the plastic table "thingy" that sits in the center of a delivered pizza.

The patent for the device was filed on February 12, 1985 by Carmen Vitale, and the world was changed forever.

While Twitter was on the subject, one user also attempted to codify a name for the item once and for all.

Other people used the item for things other than what it was intended for...

It turns out many social media users have a frustrating history with the small plastic table.

Perhaps the patent should have gone through a few more drafts.

For such a small invention, the plastic device certainly has a storied history.

Some clever Twitter users had some new ideas to improve the plastic piece.

To invent and create is only human, after all!

If there's one thing we can say with certainty, it's that no pizza would ever be the same without the small plastic tripod!

...or not.