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Video Of Giant 'Pigzilla' Nosing Through the Trash in Hong Kong Goes Viral

The very large wild boar appeared to be a mission to feed its young.

Video Of Giant 'Pigzilla' Nosing Through the Trash in Hong Kong Goes Viral
Tu Dong/Facebook

A short video clip uploaded to Facebook by Tu Dong, and with a caption translating to "pig king," shows a giant wild boar, up on its hind legs, rummaging through a dumpster while its three young wait in anticipation for food.

The footage was captured in Hong Kong just outside a school, and has exceeded 7K shares. Deemed "Pigzilla," the tusked crusader has become the internet's newest celebrity.

As reported by CBS, boars are common in the nearby hills, some weighing as much as 450 pounds. From time to time they wander into the city looking for food.

Many commenters on Twitter responded with their stomachs:

Wild boar does not taste like regular pork, rather the flavor of the iron-rich, darker meat is somewhere in between pork and beef. It's also supposed to be juicier.

And some shared their concern:

Still others were fearful:

A dog can be heard yapping repeatedly in the video—perhaps he/she was also a little scared.

Wild boar sightings have been on the rise in Hong Kong—one even broke through the ceiling in a children's clothing store in a Hong Kong shopping center. As Hong Kong's largest native land mammal (Hong Kong Island hosts an estimated 1,000 of them alone) and with roughly 75% of Hong Kong's land undeveloped, it's no surprise that they meander into the city from time to time.

It's actually become enough of a problem for residents that there are two government-authorized wild pig hunting groups to attempt to keep the population under control. On the flip side, the Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group offers a different solution: leave them alone, they're harmless.

A large number of Twitterers drew comparisons to their favorite fantasy and video game characters:

Of course there were the all-too-easy Trump jokes:

And some interesting personal anecdotes (whether real or imagined):

The fate of this particular boar and its piglets is unknown, but we like to think they all enjoyed a nice meal and then headed back to the hills.