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Piers Morgan Tried To Mock Dads Who Carry Their Babies—And Got Absolutely Dragged For It

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Noted media personality and "journalist" Piers Morgan has never shied away from sharing his opinions, and now he's taking a stand I guess? I'm honestly not sure what he's babbling about...but he is NOT backing down!

Morgan has never been a stranger to controversy--in fact he seems to court and relish in it--but this newest one is ridiculous.

Morgan mocked Daniel Craig's baby carrier:

Actor Daniel Craig--James Bond himself--was recently photographed carrying his newborn daughter in a sling across his chest. You know, like you do, because it's easier than carrying a baby in your arms. It distributes the weight evenly and keeps your hands free. It's a simple convenience, much like putting groceries in a bag instead of mounding them in your arms and fumbling them to your car is, like, the generally accepted way of carrying groceries, because, like, physics exists.

Unless you're Piers Morgan, in which case, carrying a baby in a sling means you're a dumb ladyman and, probably, putting groceries in a bag means you're a weak-spined little schoolgirl with ringlets who likes to play with dollies or whatever idiotic genderized malarkey he's on about.

He capped off his stupid tweet with the hashtags "emasculatedBond," which is idiotically sexist, and "papoose." He stopped short of calling Craig "Sacajawea" but I'm sure it was a close call.

Also, one has to wonder: what is the masculine way to carry a baby? Driving it around in a monster truck? Swinging it around like a billy club? Dribbling it like a basketball?

Anyway, the internet lit up with Piers Morgan drags, which is unsurprising since this is wildly stupid, even for Piers Morgan.

As far as I'm concerned any topic is closed as soon as Chris Evans puts in his two cents:

Anyway, for any of you fathers out there wondering what the right way is to provide basic care to your child, Piers did provide helpful instructions.

Oh. Okay then.

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