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Photos And Video Show Severe Damage Done During High Winds In Texas, Including Flipping Over A Truck

Photos And Video Show Severe Damage Done During High Winds In Texas, Including Flipping Over A Truck

Mother Nature wreaked havoc in North Texas with gusts of wind reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour.

CBS Local reported there were no tornado warnings being issued in the area, but it left terrified witnesses wondering if they were in Texas anymore.

Residents awoke in the early hours to sirens warning of the damaging winds that wreaked havoc on businesses and homes.

Pictures and video from the malevolent force of nature were posted on social media, including footage from a gust of wind knocking a semi-truck over on its side while in transit.

The voice of a terrified bystander can be heard in this video as he shouts, "Oh my god, oh my god" while witnessing the truck turn over on its side on a highway.

Architectural casualties included an Amazon logistics facility in Irving whose detached steel roof hurtled through the air and crashed into parked cars in the adjacent lot near DFW Airport.

Many power lines also came down.

Across the way, an FAA radio tower was uprooted by the relentless gust that left nearby residents bracing themselves throughout the morning against further devastation.

You can watch the full report from CBSDFW's YouTube video below.

Wrap Up Of Strong Wind Damage In North

Homes in Johnson County took a hit, with emergency officials reporting a mobile home that overturned onto a car near Bramblett Road and Highway 4.

Kim Howell was inside the home, ready to depart to visit her mother, when the unthinkable happened. She was taken to the hospital after sustaining minor cuts and bruises from her airborne nightmare.

The Johnson County Emergency Management's Twitter account posted pictures of the storm's aftermath, with tons of debris scattered throughout the region.

The Grand Prairie Municipal Airport was also affected, with as many as 67 aircraft destroyed from the storm in addition to the thirteen hangars sustaining damages.

As of this writing, there are no known casualties nor further injuries as a result of this horrific storm.

We hope everyone throughout North Texas remains safe.