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PHOTO: 'No Airbags' Bumper Sticker has People Rolling Their Eyes

PHOTO: 'No Airbags' Bumper Sticker has People Rolling Their Eyes

When you're stuck in gridlocked traffic, there's nothing like reading tacky bumper stickers to pass the time. When drivers slap ridiculous memes that perfectly identify the type of character they are on their vehicles, it's open season for mockery and judgment.

Twitter user @aimeeclarke spotted a bumper sticker that declared: "No airbags, we die like real men."

She posted it online for full Twitterverse mockery:

And Twitter, of course, obliged...

The meme "We die like men" gained popularity in August 2016 as a snowclone, where the words "airbags" and "die" are used interchangeably in jokes. A popular example is one that was posted by "grec1a" on Tumblr that read, “No proofreading, we die like men,” which went on to amass over 76,000 responses.

The "No airbags" bumper sticker is a big hit, however, with satisfied customers on Amazon writing reviews like this one: "Great decal, truly defines my disregard for personal safety and machismo. 10/10 would drive aggressively with this decal adorning my vehicle again."

At 68,000 likes, Aimee's tweet is her first that has gone viral. A user asked, "Is this your first viral tweet? It’s a weird feeling hey!" and "It’s only happened to me once and I had the same feeling! My phone was literally running hot. Had to log out for a bit." Unsure of her viral status, Aimee expressed how she wasn't particularly fond of the flood of responses. "I spent all day trying to figure out how to make the notifications stop haha," she replied.

But she wasn't mad about it either. She added, "My friends told me to delete the tweet if i hated the notifications and i was like 'NO THIS IS MY FIVE MINUTES.'

Although viral status did not come without controversy.

One guy's response to Aimee's tweet ignited a bit of a battle of the sexes:

But it didn't stop Aimee from posting this gem:


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