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People Are Sharing Some Epic Ways To Respond To Your Number Being Called That Are Guaranteed To Get A Laugh From The Waiting Room

@rosstronica/Twitter // @Simonjenkin/Twitter

Actor and comedian Mark Little was in a medical waiting room waiting for his number to be called when he realized something important.

He'd need something funny to say when his number was called. In fact, he reached out for suggestions.

Little was inspired after witnessing a man yell "Bingo!" when his number was called, because we all know we'd rather be doing that than hanging out at the fracture clinic.

This is a classic. You can always go with this because it suits so many different situations.

We hate it when this happens!

Sticking with the Bingo trend...

You had one job!

It's worth a shot.

But of course!


Why are you like this, random internet stranger?

This person goes ALL IN.

Little eventually thought of something that might work.

But it didn't land.

But there is a bittersweet ending to all of this.

There's always next time, Mr. Little.