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People Are Revealing The One Fictional Character They'd Kill Off If They Could 😡

Photo by Avalon/UIG via Getty Images/Jason Ritter

We all have our all time favorite books, and we all have our all time favorite character to hate, but what if you could do something about the evil villain who just won't go away?

Now we know we can't actually climb inside a book and change the direction of a story, but it sure is fun to pretend. There is nothing more frustrating then snuggling down to spend time with our fictional friends just to have some evil character (Dolores Umbridge, anyone?) come along and reek havoc on our beloved heroes.

Comedian and writer Sara Benincasa gave us all the opportunity to fantasize about killing off those awful characters for good when she tweeted:

"Okay you can murder ONE (1) totally fictional literary character (I don't mean the author or actor who plays them you creep) and they die swiftly but they stay dead. Choose."

We may never be able to actually do any fictional killing but it sure feels good to vent.

The Harry Potter series gave us a few to hate.

Harry Potter isn't going anywhere! Moving along. There wasn't much love for Holden Caulfield.

The crowd has spoken, Amy from Little Women needs to go.

Babies and animals were not immune to the fictional death squad.

So many evil characters.

And the winner of the worst character ever isβ€”

Twitter Meaner Egg

That guy has to go!