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Mike Pence Vows To 'Cancel Cancel Culture' In Speech About Canceling Everything Dems Do

Mike Pence Vows To 'Cancel Cancel Culture' In Speech About Canceling Everything Dems Do
Palmetto Family/Facebook

Former Vice President Mike Pence made a speech for an event with Palmetto Family called "Guarding South Carolina Values: An Evening with Vice President Mike Pence" where he unironically declared he would 'cancel cancel culture.'

The event aired live on Facebook on Thursday, April 29, where he spoke on the Covid vaccine roll out, religious freedom and the Biden administration further dividing the American people with their "far-left-agenda."

Pence tweeted out a portion of the recorded speech with this caption:

"Our agenda is clear."
"It's the agenda implemented in the Trump-Pence Administration, built on a strong national defense, secure borders, free-market economics, America first trade deals, Conservative judges & upholding all of the God-given liberties enshrined in the Constitution."

His speech leading up to his point about cancel culture touched on the most common conservative talking points including freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, the 'thin blue line' and supporting the police and added voting restrictions put on by the states.

Pence's final points in the clip said:

"We will reject critical race theory in our schools , in our public universities and we will cancel cancel culture, wherever it arises."
"That's an agenda that will win. That's an agenda that will win back America."

Critical race theory is described by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic's book Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, as:

"A collection of activists and scholars interested in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power."

It's used in anti-bias training in federal agencies as well as in schools.

People are speculating Pence might be trying to set the stage for a presidential campaign in 2024, but this is only his first speech since leaving the White House and his falling out with the former President.

As Pence talked about cancelling cancel culture, Twitter threw his hypocrisy back in his face and reminded him of the insurrection that happened on January 6.

If Pence does run in 2024, he may be going up against his former running mate, Trump.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah predicted Trump would get the nomination should he run again.