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Pedro Pascal Had Zero Time For A TMZ Reporter Who Questioned Why LGBTQ+ Stories Matter

The 'Last of Us' star had fans cheering with his iconic response to the TMZ reporter's inane question.

Pedro Pascal

Ah, paparazzi, the bane of every celebrity's existence.

Recently, a TMZ paparazzo accosted actor Pedro Pascal with some questions about his very vocal stance in favor of the LGBTQ+ community. First asking him about LGBTQ+ storylines and if audiences want them in their media.

Pascal—whose show The Last of Us features multiple LGBTQ+ characters—shouted while walking away:

"They do!"

Later, when Pascal returned to his car to leave, the paparazzo pressed further. Pascal remained calm the whole time, even taking a selfie with a fan halfway through putting things in a car and answering questions.

Pascal responded:

“I think you’re asking the question because you know why it’s so important.”

The paparazzo countered:

“Can you tell me why?”

Pascal ended the interaction by finally getting into his car and shutting the door.

“You should know why,”

You can watch the interaction here:

On Twitter people appreciated his sentiments, while also being angry on Pascal's behalf he would be grilled while running errands.

But a couple did attempt to answer the question the reporter asked.

Many people remarked how polite and lovely Pascal is, even in the face of annoyances.

Some focused on how awful the practice of jumping celebrities and grilling them with questions is.

However, some folks confessed liking when celebrities clap back.

Even if it was obtained at the hands of an annoying paparazzi.

Pascal's show The Last of Us is streaming on HBO Max and airing Sundays on HBO.