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Patti LuPone Unloads On Audience Member Who Refuses To Pull Mask Up During Broadway Talkbalk

Patti LuPone Unloads On Audience Member Who Refuses To Pull Mask Up During Broadway Talkbalk

Tony Award-winning actress Patti LuPone berated an audience member who was not wearing their mask properly during a Question and Answer talkback session.

Who do you think you are?" yelled the legendary diva, who stars in the gender-flipped revival of Stephen Sondheim's Company.

The video in which LuPone–who is not shy about stopping shows mid-performance to call out disrespectful audience members–went viral.

LuPone, who announced she tested positive for COVID-19 back in February, stars as Joanne in the show.

She addressed the audience member and instructed her to "Put your mask over your nose."

“That’s why you’re in the theatre. That is the rule. If you don’t wanna follow the rule, get the f'k out!"
"Who do you think you are if you do not respect the people that are sitting around you?”

While many theaters eased off on vaccine mandates for audiences, the still-active mask-wearing policy is the only line of protection for the actors on stage who are doing their due diligence to maintain a safe environment.

Since COVID-19 resulted in shows being halted or shut down permanently, Broadway has required all cast and crew to be fully vaccinated.

Many shows are conducting minimum weekly PCR tests, while others are testing daily.

As stipulated on Company's website:

“All guests must wear a properly fitting mask over the nose and mouth in the theatre except when eating or drinking in designated areas."
"Guests who do not comply with these policies will be denied entry or asked to leave the theatre.”

Another video from a different angle of the incident captured the audacious patron telling LuPone, “I pay your salary,” suggesting that a portion of the ticket price goes directly into the pockets of the actors.

Excuse me?

Amid jeers, LuPone quickly set the record straight and responded:

“You pay my salary? Bullsh*t. [Company producer] Chris Harper pays my salary."
"Who do you think you are? Just put your mask over your nose.”

One Twitter user who said they attended the performance of Company that night witnessed two patrons not properly wearing their masks being escorted from the theater and LuPone walking offstage following the incident.

People on social media totally backed the legendary diva.

And for users attempting to argue that LuPone and her fellow castmates should also be masked up got schooled.

In March 2020, Company was forced to halt performances after nine previews due to the coronavirus pandemic and resumed previews on November 15, 2021.

The revival of the concept musical has received nine Tony Award nominations–including one for best performance by an actress in a featured role for LuPone.