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Pastor Openly Weeps About Biden Being Elected President During Church Service In Bizarre Video

Pastor Openly Weeps About Biden Being Elected President During Church Service In Bizarre Video

Reactions to Joe Biden's declaration as President-Elect have been both interesting and unprecedented.

Trump supporters wailed in the streets. Donald Trump has outright refused to acknowledge the result and is claiming election fraud, though he has consistently been unable to show proof. Multiple videos of conservative Christian ministers reacting oddly have surfaced.

First, a video of Kenneth Copeland laughing in a robotic and repetitive way until his congregation started applauding and "laughing" along with him gave the internet major "breakdown scene in Midsommar" vibes.

And now, Reddit has gifted us with this gem—which also made its way to Twitter:

The video that originally went viral is about a minute long and features an unnamed pastor on stage with his praise and worship team. Behind him, a large screen displays the word "why" three times.

But the internet detectives soon identified the weeping man as Pastor Jack Hobbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

Hobbs kneels behind his podium, leaning on it as he sobs and leads the congregation in a prayer/argument with God.

Calvary Chapel shared the full video on their Instagram account.

While Hobbs speaks the praise and worship team provides musical accompaniment to his crying prayer.

"Please. God, you are pro-life and one man is and one man is not. Will you be pro-life for us?"

"Jesus, Lord, one man is for Israel one is not. You are for Israel."

"Lord one man is for our military and our police and the other is not. You are..."

"Lord, have you brought Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State only for that to end now? Have you brought, Lord, Amy Coney Barrett into the, onto the Court, and that's it? We're done?"

"God, we in this room we're still pro-life here."

Reddit users absolutely did not hold back with their thoughts.

"This is not church. Ministers caught turning their services into political rallies should be TAXED. You won't win trying to tax all churches (some good churches do a lot of charitable work in their communities..and they're quite small.)"

"You gotta start with the multimillion dollar mega churches and pastors trying to disguise political BS like this as 'prayer' " - c_360

"As a religious Texan, this is gross. Trump literally said 'grab em by the pussy.' They just recognize the few things they agree with him about and turn a blind eye on all the things he does that wouldn't fit their agenda."

"I promise if Biden had tons of prostitution scandals or did some other things Trump has said/done/been accused of they would be bringing that up every Sunday."

"Regardless of if you're a Trump supporter or not, I really don't understand how you can make the argument that Trump is the godly choice."

"I don't even care what Trump's beliefs are, and I try not to judge anyone on a religious basis, but at the same time I don't know if I can sit around while people say stuff like 'He's a better Christian than this other guy' lol."

"If you like him for his politics then just come out and say that but don't pretend or lie to yourself that he's the 'Christian choice' " - redditaccount-5

"Imagine being a Christian and then chastising god for not selecting the correct political candidate" - deez_notes

"'God, you are pro life'."

"So not only do you speak for God, but you ignore the fact that 100% of everyone and everything alive will die. Facts, in Jesus' name." - DeepJank

"4 more years of Trump with a senate and supreme court majority truly would have set this country back 70 years. This was essentially their endgame and something they have been working decades for."

"They want women to know their place and be in the kitchen and only have sex while married. They want all white neighborhoods with minorities in their own low income sections. They want their religion to dictate the law for everyone in the country."

"A lot of this is still happening today. They were so close, and it all came crashing down which is why they are all so pathetically desperate to do whatever they can for a Trump win."

"And now they get a harsh dose of reality because these people were all told by 'God' that Trump would landslide the election and everyone would be okay! The amount of videos I have seen of these snowflakes praying for some kind of divine intervention is absolutely pathetic." - natedoggcata

"Pathetic... they are only pro-life when it comes to abortion. After birth, they could care less. Their fiscal and social policies prove this and their indifference to the 250,000 covid deaths confirms it." - Helgafjell4me

"As a christian conservative, this is just shameful."

"You're gonna sit there with crocodile tears over a president elect of a country?"

"You're gonna sit there and openly question the wisdom of God? I mean it's one thing to wonder why would you do this (like say a child passing early in his life or something) but to sit there and basically argue with God. This guy is borderline telling God he f*cked up."

"Absolutely disgusting and obviously just putting up a front for more money. This man is a paid actor." - onionshanty

"Evangelicals have twisted Christianity in order to make it the official religion of the extreme capitalist Christian theocracy they want to see in America."

"They preach that God not only rewards the good in the afterlife, but in this life. Therefore, if you're financially successful, that means God seems you good. Your opulent wealth signals your virtue just like the cross around your neck."

"Be a complete piece of sh*t, vote Republican, and show up to a megachurch once a week and you can rest easy that you're one of the good ones." - Pure_Tower

"Pro life? Are we talking about the same guy who's 13 year-old rape victim accuser said that she cried mostly because he wouldn't use a condom and he threw money at her and told her get an abortion if she didn't like it."

"Also this guy isn't pro military he calls them losers and weak, makes fun of their PTSD, and says it's not his problem that Russians are paying Syrian mercenaries to off our soldiers. What is this idiot even going on about?!" - dedredcopper

It's clear Reddit is unmoved by the pastor's words—or at least not moved in the way the pastor intended.