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Pro-Trump Pastor Weeps While Praying For God To Make Trump President In Awkward Video


The election has been called for over a month and has been certified for over a week. The electoral college has voted.

Joe Biden will be the next President.

But facts and reality haven't stopped right-wingers from whining about the election outcome on camera.

Evangelical Christian pastor Robert Henderson is the latest to lament the end of the Trump presidency.

Henderson petitioned the "courts of heaven" to have Trump be reseated as President, while odd and morose music played in the background.

At about halfway through his bizarre sermon, Henderson began to weep.

He choked out through tears:

"You lord, will arise, and you will cause my President to be re-sat."

In the midst of a global pandemic that has killed over 300,000 people in the United States alone, reseating a controversial President voted out of office should definitely be the biggest ask in prayers to God.

This bizarre behavior has sadly come to be expected of Trump supporters.

When Biden takes office, it's unlikely this behavior will disappear altogether.