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Guy's High School Party Went Hilariously Awry After Someone Peed In The Family Cat's Litter Box

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High school parties are where most people experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex for the first times.

That often results in sloppiness and embarrassing stories that turn into gems over time.

Twitter user @crocodilethumbs, also known as "not brendan", also also known as Brendan has 13,500 followers, a nearly perfect Uber passenger rating and is "really into sandwiches". According to his Twitter profile, he tends to win bets but he also has done something to make Clifford the Big Red Dog cry.

While his Uber rating might be a stellar 4.98, Brendan's honesty rating is much lower.

According to a Tweet that has been liked over 172,000 times at the time of this article's authorship, Brendan told a bold-faced lie to his mom back in high school.

The truth of it still haunts him to this day.

"i never told my mom this but one time i threw a party in high school and someone peed in the cat's litter box so when she got back there was a giant petrified human piss brick and she cried while taking the cat to the vet all while i watched and said nothing to avoid being caught [sic]"

Brendan went on to share more about how far he went with his lie.

"this story 100% true I swear to god while she was cleaning (chiseling) this big ass urine rock she said "brendan, i think the cat is sick" and i looked this woman dead in the eyes and said 'oh wow.. poor little guy'"


Brendan's story is impacting readers everywhere.

Others shared their own regretful lies.

Maybe it was the end of the year and the end of the decade that made Brendan feel the need to come clean.


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