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'Park Ranger Karen' Tells Asian American Family 'You Can't Be In This Country' For Bringing Dog On Hiking Trail

'Park Ranger Karen' Tells Asian American Family 'You Can't Be In This Country' For Bringing Dog On Hiking Trail
Superduper koolguy/YouTube

Just in time to kick off a new week, we have yet another "Karen" caught on video. This time, the incident occurred in Marin County, California just north of San Francisco.

An Asian man and his family were enjoying a Fourth of July hike in the woods with their little Maltipoo dog when they crossed paths with a woman and her husband, who blocked the path of the man's 11-year-old daughter and began insisting they were breaking the law by having their dog along with them.

When things began to escalate, the woman told the family, "You can't be in this country," before threatening to call police.

The man caught the incident on video, which he uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

'Park Ranger Karen' tells Asian-American family they can't be in her country breaking

As the man wrote in the video's caption, their hike had begun totally without issue.

"Everything was fun and friendly. People were saying "Hello" and practicing social distancing by letting others pass when we crossed paths."

They also encountered many other dog owners on the trail.

"Along the hike, we saw several other hikers with their dogs."

But then things took an abrupt turn.

"A lady and her husband were coming up the trail as we were going down... The husband passed, but the lady just stood there. So we continued walking..."
"The lady aggressively stepped in front of our daughter and blocked her path. She began telling our daughter that we were breaking the law."

The encounter escalated to the "Karen" telling the family:

"You can't be in this country... You can't break the law."

One of the Asian man's family members replied:

"Look at your heritage and go back to where your heritage came from."

The man then tells "Karen" to mind her business, whereupon she threatens to call the police.

She then abruptly leaves, seemingly because she's realized she's being filmed. The man specifies that he and his entire family, including his parents, were all born in the United States.

The family has dubbed the woman, who identified herself as Beth, "Park Ranger Karen." As far as anyone knows, she is not a park ranger and had no authority over the park.

On Twitter, people were outraged by "Park Ranger Karen's" racist harassment.

For the record, also included in the man's video is a shot of a sign explicitly permitting dogs on the hiking trail, as long as they're on-leash.