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Paramore Lead Singer Has Brutal Message For Fans Who Vote For Ron DeSantis

Hayley Williams didn't mince words with a message to her Republican fans after she was accused of not being comfortable talking politics while on tour.

Hayley Williams
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Hayley Williams, the lead singer of the alternative rock band Paramore, made a powerful political statement during a live performance at the Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Williams addressed supporters of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis—who recently launched his 2024 presidential bid—with a blunt message.

Williams declared:

“I’ll be happy to tell you I’m very fucking comfortable talking politics. If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re fucking dead to me. Is that comfortable enough for anyone?”

Williams' passionate remarks drew enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

You can hear what she said in the video below.

DeSantis has attracted significant criticism for his policies that have been perceived as hostile towards marginalized communities.

From implementing laws that target refugees, Black people, and LGBTQ+ Americans to signing a bill making it exceedingly difficult for Floridians to access abortion care, DeSantis' actions have drawn national attention and provoked widespread debate and condemnation.

DeSantis' decision to block schools from teaching certain aspects of history related to race and gender has further fueled concerns about educational equity and inclusivity and he has made no signs of slowing down, pleding to end "woke politics" and liberalism in the United States if elected.

Many have praised Williams for speaking out.

Williams is no stranger to making political statements and has been unapologetic about her criticism of DeSantis.

In November 2022, she criticized Florida's Parental Rights in Education plan—which limits the instruction of gender identity and sexuality in public schools—during a concert by inserting the word "gay" into every song.

That same month, Paramore collectively shut down demands to "not policitize" a mass shooting at Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The band stressed in an open letter posted to Twitter that "hatred and prejudice against any marginalized group is historically political."

The band went further, noting politicians and others in power "have a choice" to act just as those who perpetrate mass shootings have made "a choice in favor of hatred."