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Bill O'Reilly Caught On Video Threatening 'F**king Scumbag' JetBlue Employee After Flight Delayed

Bill O'Reilly Caught On Video Threatening 'F**king Scumbag' JetBlue Employee After Flight Delayed

A video of former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly berating a Jet Blue employee at JFK airport has left viewers appalled.

Upon finding out his flight to Turks and Caicos was delayed, The O'Reilly Factor talking head demanded to speak with a manager.

A bystander captured what happened next.

Watch the video below:

The person filming identified the demeaning customer as none other than Bill O'Reilly.

The fired, scandal-ridden former Fox News host stood at the Jet Blue Customer Service desk pointing fingers at the employee, obviously already involved in a tense exchange.

He can be heard saying to the employee:

"No, no, no ... You're gonna find out."

He then asked the employee's name squinting at his name tag. Once he learned the name, he used a number of expletives, calling the employee "a f*cking scumbag."

In the clip, O'Reilly can be seen crowding the employee in an aggressive manner.

The employee answered back:

"You're threatening me with violence man."

The berating continued, as O'Reilly said:

"You're gonna get me that information."
"You're gonna lose you're job."

He then looked back at his name tag to make sure he got it right, looked back up at the employee, pointed at him and said:

"You'll see."

In response to the now viral video, one person tweeted:

"Saw Bill O'Reilly trending and assumed it was for something awful. It was."
"On Easter Sunday, O'Reilly threatened a Jet Blue employee because his flight was delayed."
"It was ugly."

A former airline employee spoke out about the incident.

They commented:

"As a former frontline airline employee, I was taught to be kind, no matter how abusive a customer might be. It’s not right that people can verbally attack employees and suffer no consequences."
"I didn’t delay your plane, and that decision might actually save your life."

Someone else sarcastically remarked:

"Really can’t believe that one gate agent personally delayed Bill OReilly’s flight to Turks and Caicos."

Someone else characterized the interaction as where White privilege and toxic masculinity collide.

"Just look at BO's body language to that poor guy who likely makes $12 an hour."
"He's totally moving in on him, trying to intimidate."
"This is where #WhitePrivilege and #ToxicMasculinity collide to create one giant blubbering White male baby."

O'Reilly was removed from the Fox News network following a sexual harassment scandal uncovered by The New York Times in 2017.

It was reported the host was accused by at least five different women of making unwanted sexual advances. He and Fox News orchestrated a multimillion dollar payout to the women to sweep the issue under the rug.

Someone, hinting at the incident, tweeted:

"Didn’t [Fox News] already put Bill O’Reilly on a No Watch List a few years ago?"

Another person wrote:

"Is this the same Bill O'Reilly who paid $32 million to bring sexual harassment claims against him to an end?"

People were hardly shocked by the ex-Fox host's demeaner on Easter Sunday given his long, infamous track record.

Still, one could hope some day he'd learn to—as Melania Trump implored—Be Best.