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Oprah Proves She's A Relatable Icon After Belting Out Adele Song Despite Not Knowing All The Lyrics

Oprah Proves She's A Relatable Icon After Belting Out Adele Song Despite Not Knowing All The Lyrics

Basically everyone is an Adele fan at this point, and belting out her heartbreak anthems as if you can sing as well as her has become a tradition all over the world—even for an icon like Oprah Winfrey.

The veteran media queen posted an instantly relatable video clip of herself to Twitter last night just after her CBS special with Adele, One Night Only, went to air. In the clip, Oprah is seen jamming out with pop star Lizzo, belting out full-voiced to Adele's "Hello."

Who among us hasn't done the same thing—albeit without Lizzo by our side?

Except Oprah clearly didn't know most of the words and the instantly legendary video has Twitter in hysterics.

See the clip below.

One Night Only featured an exclusive conversation between Oprah and Adele, followed by a performance of Adele's hits and tracks from her upcoming album 30 in front of a star-studded audience at Los Angeles' gorgeous Griffith Observatory.

Adele, of course, has about a gazillion smashes by now, but perhaps none of them hit quite so hard as "Hello," a gloriously dramatic barnstormer of a ballad about a love lost. It's arguably the most relatable song she's ever done—so it's no wonder it captured Oprah's heart too.

But make no mistake, Oprah does not 90% of the words.

There's just no way around it—she stumbled and stammered through basically all of the lyrics besides the "Hello from the other side" refrain just like your mom would have if she'd been there.

Oprah being seated next to Lizzo—who clearly knew not only every lyric, but every inflection Adele delivered them with—made the scene all the more hilarious and endearing.

And, dare we say, inspiring?

Because Oprah was not only totally unfazed by her fumbling the lyrics, but still posted the video of her fumbling the lyrics to the entire internet. That is a boss move only Oprah could pull off.

Naturally, Twitter lost its collective mind over Oprah's perfect moment.

Many were of course reminded of the legendary moment when Oprah also didn't know the words to Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" during a taping with the star.

And why should she‽‽

She's Oprah. She can sing whatever lyrics she wants.