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Weightlifter Who Won Philippines' First Ever Gold Medal Plans To 'Eat A Lot' After Win—And Girl, Same

Weightlifter Who Won Philippines' First Ever Gold Medal Plans To 'Eat A Lot' After Win—And Girl, Same
An Lingjun/CHINASPORTS/VCG via Getty Images

With all the guts, glory, and superhuman feats of athletic prowess, it can be easy to forget Olympic competitors are just mere mortals like us.

But Olympic weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz offered the perfect reminder in the moments after her record breaking gold medal win for her home country of the Philippines.

Asked what she would do now that she'd won the first Olympic gold ever for her country, Gomez replied "eat a lot," and nothing has ever been more relatable.

Diaz certainly has plenty of reasons for a celebratory meal.

Not only is she the first Olympian in history to win a gold medal for the Philippines, but she did so while breaking the record in her event.

Her 127 kg clean and jerk bested the previous record set just moments before by Chinese competitor Liao Quiyun.

These unprecedented feats make it easy to understand why Diaz immediately burst into tears after dropping her weight to the floor, as the reality of her achievement sank in.

But it was her response to reporters that rang most true with people.

We may not all know what it's like to break the world record or win an Olympic medal, but we all know what it's like to be hungry.

Asked what's next for her after her Tokyo Olympics win, Diaz replied:

"Yes, I will eat a lot tonight. I mean, I've been sacrificing my food, and this is the time to celebrate together with the people who are behind me. So I'm really thankful I can eat now, yes."

So what will Diaz be feasting on as she basks in her Olympic glory?

For starters, cheesecake and bubble tea. A meal fit for an icon! And to be sure, Diaz has earned every bite.

After winning silver at the Rio Olympics in 2016 in a surprise upset, Diaz placed single-minded focus on winning gold in Tokyo, hiring a new training team and moving to Malaysia to train just as the pandemic began.

She's been locked down there ever since until her travels to Tokyo, and told reporters after the bubble tea and cheesecake, she can't wait to go home and be with her family.

On Twitter, people couldn't stop cheering for this new champion.

Diaz's gold medal win is particularly momentous given how long the Philippines has been participating in the Olympics.

They sent their first athletes 97 years ago, for the 1924 Paris games.