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Olympian Freaks Out TikTok After Deadly Infection Causes Him To Have 'Play-Doh' Legs

British Olympian Lawrence Okoye had TikTok fans concerned after making dents in his legs that seemed to not go away thanks to a bacterial infection called cellulitis.

screenshots of British Olympian Lawrence Okoye's TikTok post

People on TikTok are aghast after seeing an athlete's story of the bizarre impact a bacterial infection had on his legs.

British Olympian and former NFL player Lawrence Okoye developed cellulitis in his legs, a condition in which bacteria infects deep layers of the skin.

See the condition in Okoye's TikTok below.

We'll issue you the same advisory he did onscreen:

"Warning!! This is nasty!"

Can’t say I didn’t warn you! 😩 #disgusting

It turned his legs into what he called "Play-Doh" because of the way the infection made his flesh so malleable he could press dents into it that didn't go away.

It's more strange that disgusting, depending on your sensibilities, but it is definitely eye-catching.

In the video, Okoye filmed his leg and told viewers:

"Looks like a normal leg, right? Watch this."

He then pressed his fingers into the skin along his shinbone, leaving deep indentations that don't bounce back or disappear like you'd expect.

Okoye then said:

“It’s like I’m made out of play-doh."

The video definitely freaked people out on TikTok, many of who urged Okoye to call a doctor.



Of course some couldn't help but make jokes.



But as Okoye detailed in a follow-up TikTok, there's a fairly simple, if harrowing, explanation.


#stitch with @Lawrence Okoye the explanation

As Okoye explained:

"I had a leg injury a few days ago and the wound got infected with bacteria, which causes redness, swelling and that pitting edema you saw, which was me basically making craters in my leg."

Okoye went on to explain that cellulitis is thankfully "easily treatable" with a week-long course of antibiotics and lots of rest.

Okoye's condition definitely had his followers worried, however.






Thankfully, Okoye has since made a full recovery and is back to practicing for the track and field events that form the bulk of his athletic career.

He competed in the discus events at the 2012 London Olympics, following that with a career in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, among other teams.

Last year, he became the first British athlete to win a medal in discus at the European Championships.