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Deepfake technology, which allows people to overlay one person's face onto another's in almost any video, represents a very real problem in our age of digital information.

Many people worry about how it might be used make politicians appear to say things they never have to manipulate citizens.

What they actually should have been worried about was this: the Full House intro starring an entire cast of Nick Offermans.

Created by the aptly named Dr. Fakenstein on Twitter, the video shows what the world would be like if Nick Offerman was the only person in it.

Many fans found the footage incredibly disturbing.

Others, on the other hand, thought the more Ron Swanson, the better!

But even the remakes biggest fans will never be able to forget images like this one:

How far can Offerman-based deepfake technology be pushed?

Too far.

And yet...somehow not far enough.

We need more.

Tonight, you will have nightmares of Ron Swanson.

Good luck trying to avoid Nick Offerman in a world where he is every character of every show on every channel.

That is our future.

The complete series of Full House, without Nick Offerman, is available here.

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