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Trump-Loving 'Alpha Male' Roasted After Saying He'll 'Pass' On Dating LGBTQ+ Ally Dua Lipa

Self-described 'alpha male' Nick Adams took to X, formerly Twitter, to declare that he's 'not interested' in dating the 'woke' pop star after her comments linking transphobia to misogyny.

Dua Lipa
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Self-described "alpha male" Nick Adams—a Trump supporter and author of several books including Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilisation—was widely mocked after he declared he is "not interested" in dating pop star and LGBTQ+ ally Dua Lipa because of "woke" remarks she made linking transphobia to misogyny.

Adams took to X, formerly Twitter, to claim he wouldn't date the singer because she is "woke," writing:

"Dua Lipa is single, but I’m not interested. The singer has been quoted as saying, 'Transphobia is the neighbor of misogyny.'"
"No woke women for me. I'll pass no dating Dua Lipa."

You can see his post below.

The funny thing about the comment Adams is so up in arms against is that it's not even all that recent.

Dua Lipa told Vogue France in late August—nearly four months ago—that “Homophobia and transphobia are neighbours of misogyny," adding:

“Many people, deep down, are just scared of themselves. The freedom of others forces them to come to terms with something they are too scared to express. The beauty of a free, true and proud being paralyzes them.”

Many called out Adams' arrogant remarks, remarking on why he would be so presumptuous as to assume the singer would want to date him at all.

Adams has previously been ridiculed for equally absurd claims and statements.

He was mocked online last year after he claimed that the 2022 midterm "red wave" would have happened if Gen Z kids had eaten at Hooters—yes, the restaurant whose wait staff are primarily young women whose revealing outfits and sex appeal are played up and are a primary component of the company's image—wait for it...when they were children.

Earlier this year, he raised eyebrows after he called for a boycott of Mars Inc.—the company which produces M&M's—after it announced it would produce packs “spotlighting dynamic female M&M’S characters.”

A furious Adams said in a post published to Twitter he is "DONE" with M&M's and not a single one "will pass [his] lips until Mars issues a formal apology and releases an all-male package" of the popular candy to "demonstrate their commitment to gender equality."

Adams called for an immediate company boycott after calling the female M&M's "a slap in the face to men everywhere" and included video of himself stomping on a bag of the candy after he had already paid for it.