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Anti-LGBTQ+ Author Claims A 'Red Wave' Would've Happened If Gen Z Ate At Hooters As Kids

MAGA author and self-proclaimed 'alpha male' Nick Adams has staunchly defended bringing minors to Hooters despite denouncing the dangers of kids seeing drag shows.

screenshot of Nick Adams; a man walking into a Hooters restaurant and greeted by waitresses
@NickAdamsinUSA/Twitter; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Conservative political commentator Nick Adams was mocked after he complained once the "red wave" Republican legislators and pollsters had anticipated failed to materialize and offered a rather absurd criticism of Generation Z, who've represented the youngest and newest demographic at the ballot box.

Adams claimed that the "red wave" would have happened if Gen Z kids had eaten at Hooters—yes, the restaurant whose wait staff are primarily young women whose revealing outfits and sex appeal are played up and are a primary component of the company's image—when they were children.

Writing on Twitter, Adams said that if that had been the case, that he could have "guaranteed" a red wave on Election Night.

You can see his tweet below.

Adams, who refers to himself as an "alpha male" on his official Twitter profile, issued several more tweets advocating for parents to take their minor children to Hooters.

In one tweet, he said he is "sick and tired of beta males and feminists" who've tried to "guilt" so-called alpha males from eating at the restaurant.

He later made the bizarre claim that the overwhelming majority of people "who pass judgment" about Hooters and those who take their children there have never been to one.

Additionally, Adams said he feels "sorry" for the children of people who "demonize parents who take their kids to Hooters."

Adams' tirade was one weird hill to die on and Twitter users were very quick to mock him for it.

Adams has been called out for making ridiculous statements in the past, as when he claimed only Jesus Christ has been "unfairly persecuted" more than former Republican President Donald Trump.

In September, Adams called Jesus—whose flagellation and subsequent crucifixion are recounted in both the canonical and synoptic gospels—the "sole exception" in the persecution Olympics, with Trump close behind.

Adams, who hails from Australia, rose to promience in 2017 after then-President Trump made favorable comments and tweets about his work, notably Adams' book Green Card Warrior which has been largely scorned for being little more than an anti-immigration screed.

He has since embraced Trump's inflammatory rhetoric—particularly his lie about the 2020 general election being stolen—and, like many prominent conservatives, appears not to have understood that the lack of a "red wave" indicates that many voters have repudiated Trump's lies and blatant attempts to subvert the democratic process.