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Newsmax Producer Bizarrely Claims Plant-Based Impossible Burgers Contain Bill Gates' Microchips

Ilona Braverman

Have you ever wondered what those plant-based Impossible Burgers are actually made of? How ever do they get that delicious meaty taste?

Well Ilona Braverman, a producer for fringe right-wing propaganda network Newsmax has the answer. It is of course microchips secretly added to the burgers by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Gates apparently wasn't able to control our brains to the level he desired just from the microchips and nanorobots conspiracy theorists claime he put in the COVID-19 vaccines, so he's moved onto Impossible Burgers now, or something.

See the segment below.

Braverman's comments came during a segment on Newsmax's show The Balance called "Meat Eaters vs. Vegetarians," which in and of itself is so absurd it seems like it can't be real. Imagine having such a strong stance on what people eat you include it on your political talk show. How is this news?

Anyway, after host Eric Bolling remarked that he bet Braverman couldn't tell the difference between a regular burger and the famously delicious Impossible Burgers, she had plenty to say.

Her primary objection is the burgers were invented in a lab.

“This isn’t about the taste, though. It’s about knowing that you’re eating something that was made in a lab."

Of course, so was most of the food bought at any grocery store or restaurant.

Farm labs and food labs are a thing.

But still—fair enough.

But then she took a hard, hard left.

“I want to eat something...that’s the real thing that came from the Earth, the planet that was actually intended for us to be eating."
"Not out of a lab that’s made of I don’t know what - made of chemicals, implanted with chips… I don’t want to eat Bill Gates’ plate of fake meat.”

And now we've heard everything.

As you might guess, Twitter had plenty to say about Newsmax's latest conspiracy theory.

Braverman is right about one thing though.

Bill Gates is involved with Impossible Burger as an investor.

So is Serena Williams, so Braverman will probably claim next the burgers are full of microscopic tennis balls or something.