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PHOTO: 'New Yorker' Cartoon Raises NRA Allegiance Above American Flag

PHOTO: 'New Yorker' Cartoon Raises NRA Allegiance Above American Flag

In the wake of mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas in as many months, artist Brendan Loper and the New Yorker published a political cartoon on Monday that says a lot about the state of affairs in our country. Without any dialogue, the cartoon speaks to gun regulation, or lack thereof, and how communities have been affected by the seemingly endless violence.

Both sad and heartbreaking in the cartoon's silent condemnation, there's a lot to unpack in this deceitfully simple illustration. The national flag has been lowered to half-staff, which is what happens in the event of the death of an important government official. That is not the case with these most recent shootings, as it generally has not been the case in shootings past, yet many approve or even demand the lowering of the flag as a sign of respect for those killed.

Some would argue that the lowering of the flag by our government is disingenuous, since no legislation is ever passed to help regulate firearms. The lowered flag is a feigned, outward showing of sympathy. Above the American flag is another flag, with the letters "NRA," for National Rifle Association. It's placement at the top of the pole, way above the lowered American flag, could easily suggest what our country truly pledges allegiance to.

Or at least what our country values more.

Also worth noticing is that the flag appears to be in the public space of a small town, and yet, there is not a single person seen anywhere in the cartoon. Where did the people, the friendly neighbors, go? Has it become too dangerous to be out in public?

Naturally, people responded with anger and hurt.

Caroline suggested gift baskets would be an appropriate gesture. One for each of the thirteen thousand and climbing gun violence deaths in this country, this year so far.

Jeanette says the president and the GOP have blood on their hands for doing nothing.

Someone else shared another cartoon, drawn by Pat Bagley. He shares that "gun control never works except in all the countries that have tried it."

And while Josh wants to suggest that none of these mass shootings were carried out by a card-carrying member of the NRA, Adam points out that its not about that, but instead about the NRA lobbying our government, and profiting from the unregulated sales of guns.

While Fully-Autumnaddict doesn't quite get how the NRA, which receives tens of millions of dollars from the gun industry, profits from gun sales.

Here's one more cartoon emphasizing the usefulness of "thoughts and prayers..."

...and another Twitter user reminding everyone that it was a Republican Congress that allowed the Assault Weapon Ban to expire in 2004. There has been a significant increase in mass shootings since.

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