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New Jersey University Students Hit With Backlash For Taunting Rival Team's Player With Photos Taken From His Grindr Dating Profile

At New Jersey's Monmouth University a group of students attending a basketball game are under investigation for harassing one of the players using pictures taken from his Grindr account on Saturday, March 7.

During the game, during which Monmouth ended up losing 86-72 to Sienna, a group of Monmouth students unfurled a sign that read "Stick to GRINDR." At the same time, many other students held up pictures of one of the Sienna players taken from his Grindr account.

Monmouth's President, Patrick Leahy, quickly condemned the student's actions in a statement.

The incident was also decried on Twitter.

Two nights earlier, Monmouth basketball held a "Gay Pride Night" organized by Caroline Mattise, the LGBTQ captain of the Monmouth tennis team.

Leahy has also called for an investigation into the students.

Hopefully people will learn from the swift backlash against these students and realize attacking someone over their sexuality is never funny.