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Netflix Asked People To Recast Classic Films With A Genderbent Twist, And We Need Them All To Happen

Twitter is a very interesting place, especially when a random question gets a ton of responses.

This is one of those stories.

On April 3, Netflix posed a question to the film lovers of Twitter:

"What classic film do you want to see genderbent?"

Netflix themselves considered bringing Natasha Lyonne in as "The Dude," to which she quickly responded:

That's from The Big Lebowski for the uninitiated, which you can get here.

Hundreds of people responded with their ideas for re-imagined movies!

Every now and then, the celebrities involved would offer up their opinions on their casting.

Many people were particularly excited about the idea of Gillian Anderson becoming 007.

The idea of a union of the Hollywood Chris's also seemed very appealing.

There were some genuine gems buried in the comments!

Hollywood, are you paying attention to these?

We're doing your job for you.

Of course, if you cast Meryl Streep in anything, it's gonna be good.

There have been a lot of male-centered movies over the years—it's time to remedy the imbalance!

Honestly, if anyone wants all our money, all they have to do is make a couple of these ideas real.

Let's make some new classics!