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Woman Livid After Neighbors Hire Landscapers To Cut Down Line Of Trees On Her Property

TikTok screenshots from @merleighw

TikToker @merleighw was furious to discover her neighbors had paid for a line of trees on her property to be cut completely down.

A woman on TikTok went viral after discovering her neighbors had hired landscapers to cut down an entire line of trees on her property.

TikToker @merleighw was at a complete loss when she took to the platform, expressing her disbelief in what she observed...after it was too late.

While we may not all agree with our neighbors' aesthetics or choice of outdoor design, we usually deal with it because, after all, people pour their hearts (and income) into making a house their home. They may love it, but you don't have to.

What we don't do, however, is take it upon ourselves to reconfigure our neighbors' outdoor design...and definitely not if the landscaping doesn't even touch our property.

But @merleighw's neighbors decided that was the best course of action for them, and paid for an entire fence line of trees to be chopped down without her consent.

She explained in her first video:

"So our neighbors paid to have our trees cut down and I don't know what to do."
"These guys are almost done like cutting a whole tree line that's on our property. "
"They jumped the fence, got onto our property, but they're parked at the neighbor's house."

She continued:

"I'm like actually upset, I really liked that tree line—it gave us a lot of like privacy to our yard and we were going to put up like a whole little bird section in our yard, and put a whole bunch of tree houses up there this year."
"I don't even know what to do about this right now."

You can watch below.


what would you do?? #neighbors #wronghouse #trees #whatwouldyoudo #ohio #backyard

The TikToker also posted photos of the damage, and sadly, she wasn't exaggerating in the least.



Viewers of the TikToks expressed their outrage.

Many asked the creator why she didn't go out and stop the landscapers.




@merleighw responded to those comments in a separate TikTok.

She explained:

"Well, by the time I even noticed that they had started like cutting this tree line, they were about halfway done and it is pouring down rain outside."
"I am home with my toddler, I did not want to have to suit him up to take him outside to go and confront two men by myself, if I'm being honest."

Replying to @beckynshane #neighbors #videoreply #replytocomments

Others urged the creator to take legal action.







The TikToker also responded to these comments in a follow-up video.

"Yes I know that they can cut like if something is leaning into their yard, however this line of trees was not in their yard whatsoever."
"This line just kind of covers the view from like the street into our yard, so if you were driving up the street you could just like have a direct sight into our yard."
"If that makes sense? If it was something that was like, you know, hanging over into his yard I wouldn't have been upset if they just trimmed it but they literally cut them down."

Replying to @meganmac813 #videoreply #replytocomments #neighbors #treelaw #backyard #ohio #trees

So far, no updates have been posted regarding legal action or reimbursement, but we're guessing it's only a matter of time.

Hopefully @merleighw gets compensated for the damage done to her property.

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