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Texas Dad Nearly Shoots Own Daughter During Confrontation Over Son Whipping Black Neighbor's Door

Texas Dad Nearly Shoots Own Daughter During Confrontation Over Son Whipping Black Neighbor's Door
Star Nash/Instragram; Atlanta Black Star

A recent neighborhood altercation almost turned violent, and even deadly, in Texas this week.

A 9-year-old showed up at his neighbor's house with a whip and began beating their door, which was recorded on the family's Ring camera.

The mother of the family, Carissa Nash, appeared at her front door and told the boy:

"Little boy, you better get your a** up and off my porch before I call the police, beating on my door like this! I will call the police, you need to leave. Don’t you ever beat on my godd**n door like that. GO!"

Angered, the child left the porch and their property, but not before striking the whip against the family's car, leaving a large scratch in the side of the Audi.

When Carissa Nash's husband, Dee, arrived at home after work, he looked at the car and went to discuss what happened with the neighbors while Carissa recorded their interaction. She later shared the video on Instagram.

The interaction did not go well and turned out to be anything but civil as the 9-year-old's father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, demanded that Dee and Carissa Nash leave his property.

Brunson also had walked out of his front door while holding a semi-automatic, claiming that it was necessary given their history.

He set it down on the porch, but when Dee attempted to continue to discuss the situation with him, Brunson picked the gun up and accidentally pulled the trigger.

He almost shot himself, as well as his young daughter, who was hiding behind him at the family's front door.

You can watch the altercation here:

The Nashes also pointed out the other family's stories weren't totally consistent and also didn't add up.

The father claimed his son was first looking for Nash's 13-year-old son, claiming the teen had beat up the 9-year-old. However, the two boys attend different schools and the 13-year-old's classes ended two hours after the other boy's, which meant he was still in class when the other was walking home and unable to beat him up.

Later, the 9-year-old claimed to be at the Nash's front door because he was furious the Nash's daughter had fought back when he attempted to beat her up. When she didn't come out, the resulting incident ensued.

Twitter was shocked at what happened and relieved the daughter was okay.

Others were worried about what the son with the whip, and his sister, were being taught.

Since the Nash family shared what happened on social media, more information about the neighborhood was released, as well as their involvement with the police.

Not only had the 9-year-old attempted to beat the Nash's daughter up, but he also allegedly tried to attack a group of students who were walking home from school. He allegedly spun around, trying to hit each kid with a skateboard.

The 9-year-old hit one girl, whose older brother then beat him up.

The Nashes reflected:

"There was a brother, and he got in there and said, 'I had to defend my sister. He was hitting my sister."

Despite the 9-year-old's repeated behavior, no charges would be filed against him, because he wasn't old enough to be charged for mischief. The police also pointed out that the family was likely moving soon, so keeping the peace might be for the best.

Brunson has since been arrested for his actions and for potentially endangering his child.