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North Carolina City Gets Roasted For Their Christmas Parade Route That Looks Like...Well, A Penis

Hendersonville City Government's Facebook page sparked a slew of hilarious comments after they posted the map of the parade route and street closures.

Hendersonville, NC Christmas parade route map
Hendersonville, NC City Government/Facebook

Hendersonville, North Carolina may be a small town, but that didn't stop the entire country from enjoying its annual Christmas parade.

Well, at least the route, that is.

The small town of about 15,000 residents has gone viral after releasing a map of its parade route, which looks—and there's no other way to say this—like a penis complete with balls and everything.

The normally sleepy retirement town suddenly became a nationwide sensation as people all over the internet couldn't stop laughing at the route.

Take a look below to see why.

The map was released to show local residents the parade route, all of its associated street closures and proposed detour routes. Taken all together, though, the various routes produced a hilariously accurate diagram of a dude's junk, even if it was kind of weirdly pointy.

Within a very short time of the Hendersonville city government posting the map to its Facebook page, it began going viral. Local newspaper the Hendersonville Lightningreported that comments on the city's Facebook post were doubling every 90 minutes all day Thursday, the day after it was posted.

That trajectory continued over the course of the day on Friday, as commenters filled the post with puns and double entendres and all kinds of blue humor. On Friday morning, the post had generated some 2,300 comments. By Friday night that had more than doubled to 5,400.

As of this writing, the post has racked up more than 10,000 salacious comments from people who can't stop laughing about the hilarious map.

City Manager John Connet praised the city's communications manager, Allison Justus, for handling the onslaught of humor. He told the Lightning:

“The map is completely accurate related to the parade and our detours and Allison did a great job. I just want to want to commend Allison for the job she did today.”

Of course, commenters had anything but accuracy on their minds.

Alison Elaine/Facebook

South Carolina Emergency Management Division/Facebook

Leanne Demetree Brunton/Facebook

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Bailey Wood/Facebook

Connet and Justus ended up joining the fun too. In a comment under the post, they wrote:

"Now that we have your attention...don't forget to lock your vehicle doors and conceal all Christmas purchases and packages..."

Packages? We see what you did there. Well done.