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Museum Wins The Internet After Finding A Tiny Bat In Their Rare Book Store And Nursing It Back To Health

The Museum of English Rural Life/Twitter

Bats have a reputation for freaking people out. Have you seen the 1999 horror flick Bats? It's trashy as hell, but it's scarred many people's childhoods.

But bats are also really adorable.

And so is this story from the Museum of English Rural Life, whose staff members found a tiny bat and are now nursing it back to health.

The story begins simply enough...

And then...

And here it is!

Things get progressively more adorable from there:



More information came to light:

And the bat now has a name!

And speaking of Berks Bat Group:

People are in love with Merlin, and can you blame them?

We love Merlin, too, in case you haven't figured it out. Here's hoping he finds a nice place to settle for the rest of the winter once he's released.