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MTG Tried To Troll Biden With A White Balloon At The SOTU—And Twitter Trolled Her Right Back

The MAGA Rep.'s attempt at mocking Biden during his State of the Union address over the Chinese 'spy' balloon controversy quickly popped in her face.

Marjorie Taylor Greene holding a white balloon; Joe Biden
@kadiagoba/Twitter; Jacquelyn Martin-Pool/Getty Images

This week, Democratic President Joe Biden gave his 2023 State of the Union address, which of course meant one thing--it was time for far-right Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to try to make it all about her.

For Greene that meant heckling Biden from the crowd about overspending while dressed like a fur-clad soap opera villainess who is also the heir to a rare-Earth metals mine.

But before that, she did something even more juvenile and eyeroll-worthy--she turned up to the Capitol holding a giant white balloon, an attempt to mock Biden over the Chinese spy balloon that was hovering over the U.S. last week.

See what she did there?

Okay then.

What exactly Greene's point was isn't clear, but it's likely supposed to be a mocking take-down of Biden's supposedly too-slow response to the spy balloon.

This is despite the fact that Biden asked the Pentagon to shoot the balloon down the day it was spotted, but they refrained from doing so, opting instead to wait until it was over water so its debris field would not injure anyone on the ground.

This is a widely reported, readily available fact--and God only knows what the Republicans would be doing now if the balloon's debris field had actually injured someone on the ground--but you know, most Republicans are pretty bored with facts.

So photo-op of Greene grinning like a kid at Disneyland with a giant balloon it is! Isn't she clever?

Greene was so impressed with herself she even posted a video, where the big joke was "It's just an innocent white balloon, everybody."

Hilarious. Not sure what the joke is, but boy is she selling it.

Anyway, naturally the internet immediately gave Greene's big drag the meme treatment, making the whole thing blow up in her face (see what we did there) when The Lincoln Project transformed her balloon into Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's "IT."

The internet seemed to like that version a lot more.

And others made their own memes of the balloon too, of course.

Even a screenshot of the video many believe shows Greene committing the unsolved crime of placing pipe bombs the night before the January 6 insurrection turned up on the side of a balloon in one of the memes.

Your move, MTG.