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Bizarre Footage Of Moth Drinking The Tears Of A Sleeping Bird Goes Viral ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Twitter via Ecology

A bird in the Amazon was trying to get a little shut eye, but a pesky moth was using it's tears as a drinking fountain. Just another ordinary day, huh?

Leandro Moraes, an ecologist at the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, Brazil came across a strange sight during an expedition. Moraes witnessed a moth drinking from a sleeping bird's eye. A while later, he stumbled onto another moth and bird. This time he captured it and shared the bizarre occurrence with the world.

Apparently, moths aren't the only bugs that drink animal tears. Butterflies are partial to crocodile tears while bees fancy turtle tears. Who knew?

People could definitely relate to the moth.

Others were appropriately grossed out.

A Pandora's box had been opened full of mysteries and questions.

Now we have more questions than answers.

H/T: Science Magazine, Miami Herald