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Dem Rep. Flips The Script On Fox News Host After He Attacks Kamala Harris With Poll Result

Rep. Jared Moskowitz expertly called out Fox News host Lawrence B. Jones for ignoring another element of an NBC News poll in which the Vice President received a low net favorability rating.

Fox News screenshot of Lawrence B. Jones and Jared Moskowitz discussing Kamala Harris
Fox News

During his appearance on Fox News Tonight with guest host Lawrence B. Jones, Florida Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz was asked to provide his perspective on Vice President Kamala Harris' performance and the latest polling data from NBC News.

As the conversation unfolded, Moskowitz staunchly defended the Biden administration's accomplishments and shed light on the American people's perception of President Joe Biden's leadership.

The conversation took an unfortunate turn when Moskowitz's defense of the administration led to pushback from Jones. Despite the poll results favoring Biden, Jones interrupted Moskowitz, seemingly implying that disagreement with the American people was evident in his defense of the administration.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

When Jones asked Moskowitz whether he disagrees "with the American people" on whether Biden administration has done a good job, Moskowitz sought to place the poll findings in a broader context, highlighting the fact that President Biden was leading by a margin of 49 percent to 45 percent over former President Donald Trump in the same survey.

He pointed out:

“In that very same poll that you reference, it shows that Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump by 4 points."

And when Jones pushed back, Moskowitz was completely undeterred, replying:

“In a head-to-head matchup with the leading Republican contender right now, in that very same poll, Joe Biden’s winning by four points."
"That is the American people weighing in on the job that the Biden administration is doing.”

Many have praised Moskowitz's response while criticizing Jones.

The exchange between Moskowitz and Jones underscores a larger issue regarding the treatment of Harris on Fox News.

This type of treatment is not an isolated incident.

Vice President Harris has often been the target of both misogyny and racism from certain media figures, with her race and gender being exploited to undermine her competence and qualifications.

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld's comments on The Five epitomize this approach, where he labeled Harris as the "worst VP in history" solely based on her race and gender.

Gutfeld's statements reduce the vice president's accomplishments and qualifications to mere boxes that needed to be checked, disregarding her experience and dedication to public service.