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Newsmax Pundit Absurdly Claims Critical Race Theory Will Lead Boys To Act On 'Oedipal' Fantasies


Dick Morris has reached New heights of absurdity with a recent claim that Critical Race Theory would lead multiracial children to act on "Oedipal" fantasies.

During an appearance on Newsmax, Morris launched into a tirade against Critical Race Theory. His ludicrous, Freudian assertion that teaching people about systemic racism would somehow make them act on any Oedipal feelings they have is possibly the most bizarre criticism of Critical Race Theory so far.

"What does this do to the children? What does this do to a kid? A quarter of all Black marriages are intermarriage, racially. So what does that do to a Black boy whose mother is Black and his father is white? What does he think? 'My father exploited my mother and that's how he got successful?'"

Next, it got even more bizarre.

"Does this reinforce the Oedipal notion that all kids have wanting to kill their father and marry their mother?"

You can view a clip of Morris' tirade against Critical Race Theory below:

Twitter users didn't hold back in their mockery of Morris' statements.

While this particular claim seems to have come out of nowhere, conservatives have been panicking about Critical Race Theory for a while.

Morris may well be the first one to bring Freud into the conversation though.