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Mom's Video Of Her White Gay Son Performing With His School's West African Drum And Dance Group Has The Internet Cheering


A woman, known only as Lady Stoneheart (@hayden1222) on Twitter, shared a video of her White, gay son performing "with his majority-Black-school's west African drum and dance group tonight as part of their #BlackHistoryMonth performance," which has gained an unexpected amount of support from the internet.

The video, shown here...

...shows Declan, the woman's son, dancing with the group with all the hairography that is functionally allowed by his head of blonde hair.

But many of the views and positive support came when another Twitter user, K, reshared her post after noting an exchange between Lady Stoneheart and another mom on the video, remarking, "I love Black women."

K noted you could hear a woman ask the mom:

"What's yo baby name?"

Lady Stoneheart answers:


The other woman then yells at the stage:


The mom, whose name is Christi and uses "hayden1222" on both Instagram and Twitter, describes herself as a "Crazy. Southern. Liberal."

According to her Instagram, she has two boys, Declan and Simon.

Declan, pictured in the video, is a sixth grader.

Though not everybody was thrilled to see a White person in the school's African dance group.

People brought up the idea that Declan was made a part of that celebration by his classmates and fellow dancers, rather than commandeering the celebration as his own.

People were also loving the show of solidarity and the celebration by everybody in the room.

Celebrating marginalized cultures with those cultures and supporting each other—these are the things that really touch the hearts of all of us.