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Mom Donates Son's Old Mickey Mouse Mug To Atlanta Goodwill Not Realizing He Had Something Very Important Inside 😬

One Georgia Goodwill shopper is taking home a mug worth far more than they bought it for.

Mother Lindsay Preiss was cleaning out her house when she encountered her son's souvenir Mickey Mouse mug.

Not realizing what her son, 27-year-old Devon Silvey, kept inside, she donated the Devon's horror when he found out.

It turns out the Mickey Mouse mug held some of Devon's cash: $6,500 total. When she found out about what she'd given away, Preiss wasn't too happy:

"(I feel) like the worst mom in the world. I mean I feel terrible."

The series of events which led to Devon's money being in the mug made up a perfect storm of unfortunate coincidence. He sold his car for cash on a Sunday, when banks were closed.

Rather than keeping the money in his new car, Silvey decided to hide the money away in his parent's house since he was in the process of moving.

Obviously, Silvey is a little bit frustrated with how things have turned out:

"At first I thought it was a joke or a prank or something like that. She thought I was upset about the mug being gone, which, I miss the mug as well, but what was inside was a little more important."

Goodwill staff tracked the mug to the store in Conyers, Georgia.

Security footage shows a clerk pricing the mug and placing it on the shelf...where it was later purchased by a very lucky customer.

Preiss is now begging whoever purchased the mug to bring its contents back.

"We would be very, very thankful if you brought it back. I'm just asking someone to please have it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back."

Twitter was cringing over this family's bad luck.

Along with the feeling of having done the right thing, the mug's purchaser can also enjoy a slightly smaller cash reward for returning the mug!

How could anyone pass up on a deal like that?